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Good Companions and Good Friends

I have just returned from a twelve day biking trip in Germany, France and Luxembourg. I have gone on similar adventures over the last four years , always before with a friend. This year was different. My usual biking companion … Continue reading

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Manners? Yes, please.

We were having a lively discussion  last night, my husband , two of my sisters-in law and I,  and the subject of this blog came up. “I think the next one will be about manners .” I said. “You can … Continue reading

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Step lightly …and leave a deep foot print.

I confessed to a couple of good friends over a recent lunch that I can take almost any fun project and turn it into work and from their kind smiles knew this was not exactly late breaking news. While I … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror….

I can clearly remember being a young adolescent and seeing women who are the age I am now with hair slightly disheveled, clothes not perfectly pressed and carrying more weight than was wise (or attractive) and thinking to myself with … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying

Years ago I was a member of a small improv group. We had all trained together with a truly brilliant teacher who taught us over several years the skill sets of improvisational acting, one of which, perhaps foremost , was … Continue reading

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