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Taskless Thanks

One of my favorite quotes of all time isn’t poetic or spiritual or deep or elegant. The late, wonderful , Broadway actress, Marian Seldes said it and it is about as plain and unvarnished as you can get …and for … Continue reading

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Good Enough

Our heads swiveled a fast and simultaneous quarter turn toward each other, eyes meeting under raised eyebrows, identical bemused smiles on our lips. The grade of the class valedictorian in the Culinary School Professional Chef’s program had just been announced, 94.2. … Continue reading

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Accidentally on Purpose

I moved behind him and called out enthusiastically “Hot behind!” He turned, eyes crinkling above the gang style teardrop (in his case a  fleur de lis ) the prison style, inch tall, hand lettered, four letter tattoo on his neck … Continue reading

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What Could You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Years ago I made a foolish purchase. It sure wasn’t my first and it wasn’t (and won’t be) my last. This particular foolish purchase is a silvery looking ingot, heavy with some base metal, engraved with the words, “What could … Continue reading

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Visions of (actual) Sugarplums Danced in Our Heads

We crowded into the small room and commenced setting up folding chairs to sit in and watch as the Master Pastry Chef manipulated molten sugar into swans, into flowers, into golden braid, and into fruit blown from sugar, light as … Continue reading

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As the Bookworm Turns…

I fell hard for reading the moment I figured out how to do it. My head was in a book pretty much constantly…in the car, walking downstairs, under a backyard tree, in bed with a flashlight, even…to their great annoyance…when … Continue reading

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Five Easy Pieces

No, this isn’t about the movie (although as I recall, it was a great one!)  No, this is about keeping light in one’s life as the days grow shorter and darkness stretches long. I find this to be a personal … Continue reading

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Good Companions and Good Friends

I have just returned from a twelve day biking trip in Germany, France and Luxembourg. I have gone on similar adventures over the last four years , always before with a friend. This year was different. My usual biking companion … Continue reading

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Manners? Yes, please.

We were having a lively discussion  last night, my husband , two of my sisters-in law and I,  and the subject of this blog came up. “I think the next one will be about manners .” I said. “You can … Continue reading

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Step lightly …and leave a deep foot print.

I confessed to a couple of good friends over a recent lunch that I can take almost any fun project and turn it into work and from their kind smiles knew this was not exactly late breaking news. While I … Continue reading

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