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The Path Behind

One of my favorite things to do all by myself is to walk in the woods . With no companions to distract me with agreeable conversation, my eyes take in the clouds, the stones and this time of year, the … Continue reading

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Accidentally on Purpose

I moved behind him and called out enthusiastically “Hot behind!” He turned, eyes crinkling above the gang style teardrop (in his case a  fleur de lis ) the prison style, inch tall, hand lettered, four letter tattoo on his neck … Continue reading

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What Could You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Years ago I made a foolish purchase. It sure wasn’t my first and it wasn’t (and won’t be) my last. This particular foolish purchase is a silvery looking ingot, heavy with some base metal, engraved with the words, “What could … Continue reading

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New Year’s, Clean Slates and Other Mythology

This time of year, when we by agreement begin a New Year and leave the old behind,  we hear rather a very (very) lot about fresh starts and clean slates. The house I grew up in was filled with antiques, … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying

Years ago I was a member of a small improv group. We had all trained together with a truly brilliant teacher who taught us over several years the skill sets of improvisational acting, one of which, perhaps foremost , was … Continue reading

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