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Something Rotten in Hungary

I’ve been remiss in this blog , while I did intend to take a breather from writing ,I didn’t imagine it would be for  quite this long~ When I last left off , I  had shared with you that I … Continue reading

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View From a Bike / View From a Blog

I ran into insomnia at a pretty early age.  From about ten years old on, I would wake up in the middle of the night. I have no idea why. Maybe it was because I was a pretty intense little … Continue reading

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The Fixer Upper

On a recent trip to Lyon, I was exploring the city ,walking about on a cool and drizzly day. It was early afternoon and many of the shops were closed but, as I prefer window shopping to the actual activity, … Continue reading

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A Week in Boston

I moved to New England decades ago, this in itself does not make me a local. Around here you have to be native to claim roots and better yet, your great-grandparents need to have been born here to stake a … Continue reading

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What Could You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Years ago I made a foolish purchase. It sure wasn’t my first and it wasn’t (and won’t be) my last. This particular foolish purchase is a silvery looking ingot, heavy with some base metal, engraved with the words, “What could … Continue reading

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Visions of (actual) Sugarplums Danced in Our Heads

We crowded into the small room and commenced setting up folding chairs to sit in and watch as the Master Pastry Chef manipulated molten sugar into swans, into flowers, into golden braid, and into fruit blown from sugar, light as … Continue reading

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Delicate to Strong

We were having morning coffee, my friend and I . The two of us were visiting with a third friend. All of us had helped each other grow up as girls, before, during and after college and this was a … Continue reading

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New Year’s, Clean Slates and Other Mythology

This time of year, when we by agreement begin a New Year and leave the old behind,  we hear rather a very (very) lot about fresh starts and clean slates. The house I grew up in was filled with antiques, … Continue reading

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As the Bookworm Turns…

I fell hard for reading the moment I figured out how to do it. My head was in a book pretty much constantly…in the car, walking downstairs, under a backyard tree, in bed with a flashlight, even…to their great annoyance…when … Continue reading

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Five Easy Pieces

No, this isn’t about the movie (although as I recall, it was a great one!)  No, this is about keeping light in one’s life as the days grow shorter and darkness stretches long. I find this to be a personal … Continue reading

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