Fancy Meeting You Here!

I don’t do theatre that often anymore. I once would bounce from show to show, overlapping auditions and or early rehearsals of the new show with closing performances of the last… and I loved it. It didn’t leave much room for the rest of life though and in a funny way ended up neutralizing the reason I had re-taken up theatre as an adult to begin with… to make my world larger. And there it was…getting smaller again coming from the opposite direction.

Anyway I have pulled way, way back. I let over a year or a year and half go by before auditioning after completing a show. I was easily and happily filling my days with friends, biking, knitting, baking and cooking,volunteering,travel and just chilling. After my most recent long hiatus I finally auditioned for a couple of shows , getting cast in a farce by Larry Shue.

Honestly it took me longer than usual to dive in . I had gotten quite cozy in my routine of 8 hours of sleep and home cooked meals with my husband at night. I rather resented at first my evenings being taken up with rehearsals, my sleep those nights trashed… and tried hard not to show it. It wouldn’t have been fair to the others and after all, nobody forced me to do this, it was my choice all the way. So I was going to be a good trouper but my inner monologue was : okay then, I now know am well and truly done with theatre, it has been a fun and fulfilling part of life and now it is over.

And then the magic crept in, as it always does, taking me by surprise, as it always does. My character began to come to life with her own unique way of thinking,moving, talking and experiencing. I watched the same magic happen around me with the  other actors’ characters, actors who were , along with the director and stage manager becoming part of a team…and becoming friends. We developed trust in each other and celebrated each other’s successes. It was what a friend of mine would call a fancy way to meet people.

The show closed two days ago…and I really miss it. Perhaps I won’t wait so long next time to audition…or perhaps I will. Honestly I have no idea. But I am so glad I got to taste the magic once again.

My favorite part of the Oscar ceremony this year was when Meryl Streep said it is about the friendships and the joy.

Right on Meryl :).

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12 Responses to Fancy Meeting You Here!

  1. Karen Dervin says:

    Hooray! I look forward to reading your blog posts. xxx

  2. I’m so very happy you decided to dive back in, and I hope that I’ll get to work with you soon on a show.

  3. StarStruk says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m following you…

  4. StarStruk says:

    I am right there with you on theater…for years and years, I auditioned or directed or moved sets or did whatever needed doing play after play after play. Since that ended in March 2011, I am waiting to feel that “I must audition” feeling again and it hasn’t happened yet. But when I’m doing it, I am in love.

  5. Jeanne Leonard says:

    Thanks for opening up this wonderful window into, what is for me, an unknown world.

  6. Suzanne says:

    The magic was evident, and caught those of us fortunate to watch from the audience. I am still savoring the play.

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